Powerful Sciatica and Nerve Pain Treatment in Fort Collins and Loveland

Are you dealing with agonizing pain that can radiate all the way from your buttocks to your feet? How about lower back pain that can be sharp or throbbing and spreads downward? You could be dealing with sciatic nerve pain, also called sciatica, which causes painful symptoms in the lower back and limbs and is sure to make life difficult.

The problem can come and go, but one thing’s usually certain — when sciatic nerve pain rears its ugly head, you’re dealing with a whole lot of discomfort that can quickly ruin your day.  It is very important to note that Sciatica itself is not an independent medical condition – it is a symptom of an underlying structural condition. If you have not addressed this cause, but have only treated the pain, your long-term prognosis is likely to be limited.

At Rocky Mountain Spine and Disc, we offer modern, innovative, non-invasive options to treat that cause of your Sciatica. While many people turn to addictive, pain-reducing medications or even surgery to correct the problem, our non-surgical treatment program for Sciatica and other impingement’s have proven incredibly successful at reducing, and sometimes completely eliminating your symptoms.  The best part? It’s highly effective, non-invasive, and involves no risky medications.

What Is Sciatic Nerve Pain (aka Sciatica)?

There’s a small muscle in your buttocks called the “Piriformis”. In every individual, the sciatic nerve (also the largest nerve in the body) runs underneath or directly through this muscle.  When this muscle gets irritated or the nerve becomes inflamed, intense pain can develop that can run the entire length of the legs. Sciatic nerve pain is usually repetitive and is most commonly felt in one leg. What makes matters worse is that many people don’t know how it developed in the first place or what they can do to prevent lower back pain from returning. 

Sciatica is usually caused by lower back problems, particularly by disorders of the spine, such as a herniated disc, intervertebral disc degeneration, displacement of vertebral bones, bone spurs, joint cysts, or narrowing of the spaces between vertebral bones.  These disorders can cause the compression of the spinal nerves that form the sciatic nerve, leading to inflammation, pain and numbness in the affected leg.

Sciatica pain intensity is variable. It is often continuous, severe and highly debilitating, but it can be intermittent and milder. Sciatica may also be felt as tingling, numbness, or weakness in the legs. Intense pain  due to sciatica is typically described as aching, sharp, searing, burning, shooting or as electrical shocks running down the leg. It usually worsens when standing or sitting, and decreases while walking or lying down.

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“I would recommend anyone who is having acute to severe sciatic issues to visit Dr. Smith and his staff. When I first set an appointment with him I could barely sit, or bend over. I was actually in a lot of pain! He assured me that I was going to make huge progress by the end of the week. I was skeptical, but found myself feeling 80% better by the following week. My progress was amazing.”Tiffany M.

“Before coming here I was unable to walk too far, go up and down stairs, vacuum and do yard work due to the pain in my back, hip, and front of my leg. I debated about back surgery but chose to come to Rocky Mountain Spine & Disc instead. Through their treatment and care, I am now able to do the things I was unable to do for the last year!”Pat L.

” The day I walked into the office of Rocky Mountain Spine & Disc my life changed! I have been a hair stylist for more than 30 years. I came to this office to seek relief and hopefully help with my back and hip and knee from standing and working in my profession. I was looking for a way to do this without having to have surgery. What I found was a very friendly, professional, and unique office.  If you are looking for a team of people that treat you like family (not just a client) that really cares about you as a person, has integrity, respect and professionalism you need to seek out this office. Thank you for giving me hope when I was hopeless, for working with me and showing me that there are doctors out there today that really do care and are concerned with health and way of life.  Most of all for helping me get my way of life back! ” – Pamela P.

“I have been very pleased with the results of my treatments at Rocky Mountain Spine and Disc.  I suffered from sciatica for a number of years,  which made a number of activities I enjoy very difficult.  Since I was skeptical, I first consulted a medical doctor specializing in back and spinal problems to seek treatment for my problem.  This consultation informed me that I had two options:  a series of spinal injections to provide temporary relief, or back surgery.  Since neither of these procedures was acceptable to me, I decided to look elsewhere for relief.  I decided to seek treatment with Dr. Smith for my back pain.  The results achieved by Dr. Smith have been truly amazing to me.  After only a few treatments, my lower back pain has decreased significantly.   Subsequent treatments have further reduced lower back pain.  On a scale of 1 to 10, my back pain has been reduced from an 8 (prior to seeing Dr. Smith) to a 2.  As a result, I have been able to resume the activities which I previously had to discontinue.” –  Gene Z.