One of the best ways to take control of your general well-being is to have a healthy diet. As a society, we’re all pretty busy, so sometimes eating out or eating less healthy food can seem faster and cheaper. In both cases, that’s not always true. Making meals in advance and freezing them can cut down on prep time. Planning a week’s worth of meals and buying all of the ingredients at once is always an effective strategy. That way, when you are ready to make Tuesday’s dinner sometime in between dropping the kids off at soccer practice and your weekly yoga class, you have all your ingredients ready to go.

Make sure your diet is rich in vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and whole grains. If you don’t like the idea of never eating cake again, that’s ok. Most foods are ok in moderation. Use your best judgment and remember that we only get one body. We need to treat it right.


Most physicians and medical associations recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. If you are new to exercising, check with a medical professional before beginning any exercise regimen.

Light walking is a good beginner exercise. Anything you can do to get your heart rate going is helpful and will keep you mobile and active for many years to come.

If you experience a limited range of motion, your chiropractor can recommend a variety of stretches that will help you gain more mobility back.