Totally Numb Feet

For over four years, I had suffered with totally numb feet, lower back pains and “icy cold” fingers and numbness like I had frost bite. I could not dress myself and used a walker and cane to walk. I was hopelessly home-bound. I had sought multiple other treatments for my ailments and I had about ran out of choices. I continued grow worse every day. Then I turned to the Lord. I prayed hard and with deep faith, for Him to give me a sign that I could find relief. Several days later I found an ad in the paper for RMSD describing all the symptoms of my malady. Dr. Irven said she could help me, and has she ever! Now my neck pain has disappeared, my feet regained warmth and feeling, and I can walk and dress myself without assistance. Thank you, Dr. Irven for giving me the future I only dreamed about at 86 years old! I believe she is an angel.

Gene L.