Numbness and tingling has improved

When I first came to see Dr. Irven two months ago I was in such pain that I was depressed. I had gotten to the point where I was praying to the Dear Lord to take me with him. On my first treatment, Dr. Irven held my ankles and I screamed because I was so sensitive. From then on I wore thick socks so I couldn’t feel her hands. By the third treatment I didn’t need them anymore.

I can now handle the treatments and am more relaxed. I have improved in other aspects of my health. My blood pressure has lowered 32 points and my numbness and tingling in my legs has improved.

I have improved 75% since my first visit! The doctor has given me a new outlook on life. By the way, I was 84 years old when I started treatment and now I am 84 years young!

Thank you Dr. Irven!

Regina S.