Chiropractic and Rehabilitative Treatment Designed with YOU in Mind

We offer the finest, personalized chiropractic and rehabilitative services in Northern Colorado.  While we are technically located in south Fort Collins, our office location provides easy, convenient access from Loveland, Windsor, Timnath, and Severance as well.

Whether your pain was caused by an auto accident, a sports injury or is a complete mystery to you, we’ll come alongside you to determine the cause of the pain, then prescribe a comprehensive, personalized plan based on your individual needs and condition, which aims to restore you back to the best health possible.

Too often, patients’ and practitioners’ sole focus is on treating the pain or symptoms.  While this can be satisfying in the short term, this approach has left us with an epidemic of people who continue to look for a solution to their problem.  They’ve received injections. Maybe tried some PT. They’ve tried medications… maybe even been to another Chiropractor, but the problem persists.  Sound familiar?

We take a more personalized approach to your care.  What are the symptoms?  What was the precipitating cause?  What are the aggravating factors? Can we treat the symptom and the cause?  By doing this and using more advanced, integrative treatment protocols, we aim to set you up for long-term success.  It does neither of us any good to treat your symptoms, only to have them return after a brief period of relief.

“I already have a Chiropractor.”

That’s fantastic!  We hear this quite a bit. The reality however, is that not all practices nor practitioners are the same.  The beauty of our profession is that providers have the freedom to direct their focus to whatever condition or technique they prefer.  The downside to this, is that it leaves the public confused and with more questions.  While we see a large number of your typical spine condition patients, we have developed advanced treatment protocols for conditions in which people generally never even think of a Chiropractor as treating. The two most common conditions we treat are Knee Pain and Peripheral Neuropathy.  Whereas a lot of other Chiropractors would prefer these patients went elsewhere, our office, by contrast, has developed specific, highly effective protocols to help patients with these type of chronic cases.

“I tried Chiropractic and it didn’t work.”

That’s like saying I tried a diet once, but it didn’t work.  Chiropractic care comes in all shapes and sizes and there are good and bad in every profession.  Ever tasted food from a bad cook?  Ever ran into a Medical Doctor who did a poor job?  How about an attorney you didn’t have a good experience with?  I’m sure you know people in your own profession who don’t live up to the same standards as you.  We strongly encourage you; don’t let one negative experience deter you from trying again.  We have incredible success rates.

Give us a shot.  If we can help you, we’ll tell you.  If not, we’ll tell you that too.  See the difference for yourself.