Fort Collins Numbness / Tingling Diagnosis & Relief

A number of auto accident injuries can lead to compression or irritation of the nerves. For example, herniated discs can be the result of trauma due to an auto accident and subsequently result in altered sensation. For this reason, both numbness and tingling after a car accident are warning signs that some for of injury has occured. Treatment for numbness and/or tingling focuses on pain management and rehabilitation for the actual cause and/or aggravating factor which has led to these symptoms.

At Rocky Mountain Spine & Disc, our specialized treatment for auto accident victims was created to help patients rehabilitate with the least amount of stress. We incorporate chiropractic care, massage therapy from a certified profession therapist, rehabilitation, and corrective/strengthening exercises to achieve maximal improvement. Additionally, we are prepared to help patients coordinate all of their legal and insurance issues.

For auto accident patients experiencing numbness or tingling, the first step is a full evaluation by one of our board certified chiropractors to get a proper diagnosis and to determine the cause of the symptoms.

Call or contact us today to set an appointment with our Doctor to set up your evaluation for your numbness and tingling symptoms.