Most of us have suffered from joint pain at one point or another. It can be physically miserable, but it can also be depressing. Just getting out of bed in the morning can be daunting when you know that the slightest movement can send searing pain up and down your body. Thousands of people face this discomfort every day with what the medical world knows as the Facet Syndrome. Facet joints are the bones that connect your spine with interlocking “fingers.” Accumulated or untreated trauma can cause these joint surfaces to become compressed together preventing proper motion. Facet Syndrome is a common problem that encompasses all age groups and both genders and is recognized as one of the more frequent illnesses for gymnasts and athletes. The offset of this malady can also be brought on by whiplash and the aging process. It is difficult to pinpoint the symptoms of Facet Syndrome because they mimic symptoms of other back problems. It is imperative that you get a diagnosis from a qualified specialist to rule out other conditions. If you suffer from the Facet Syndrome, contact our clinic to discover how Spinal Decompression Therapy┬ácan guide you back to a pain-free life. Schedule a consultation today Colorado’s best Loveland chiropractor.