You may wonder if Spinal Decompression is painful. It isn’t. Most patients report that the treatment is totally painless for both lumbar decompression as well as cervical decompression. As one of Colorado’s most attractive spinal clinics, we offer the best in this advanced technique. This is a non-surgical traction based therapy that treats herniated or bulging discs in the lower back and in the neck. Other conditions that Spinal Decompression treats are failed back surgery syndrome, degenerative disc disease, and sciatica and facet arthritis. The state of the art Kennedy Spinal Decompression Table actually allows patients to relax during treatments. Some patients even fall asleep during their session. This therapy is safe, highly effective and affordable. The overall majority of patients report tremendous satisfaction with this top-rated Loveland spinal clinic. When you want pain relief with a relaxing technique and when you are ready to avoid the inherent risks of surgery, this non-invasive approach to pain relief may be your answer. Schedule an appointment today with the best Loveland chiropractor and see what we can do for YOU.