1. Jeff Englehorn

    Dr. Smith is the best. The benefits of Chiropractic care will help me lower my blood pressure and stress levels considerably. Thanks Dr Smith & everyone at RMS&D!…Read More

  2. Happy Patient

    When I first came to RMC, I could barely turn my head. I also had lower back pain and numbness. Within weeks of seeing Dr. Irven I could turn my head and look over my shoulder, my back was no longer tied in knots, and I could sleep at night!  Also, I no longer have any numbness. I have also noticed through this process that I have lost weight without being on a diet. I feel so much more relaxed a…Read More

  3. Satisfied Patient

    Before starting treatment with Dr. Smith my problems included my feet, knees, shoulders, wrists, depression, and stress! Everything seems to be getting more manageable. My knees are not giving out. My feet feel better so I can walk longer and be on my feet longer. The tension in the shoulders and neck has relaxed and has given me hope for a future full of health and well-being!  -Connie A.…Read More